Think Beyond IIMs!

Think Beyond IIMs

Dr. Sharma– You’re totally fine Sameer, there’s nothing to worry about. You were fortunate enough to be here before the disease had spread too much.

Sameer– But what were those voices doctor? I heard them almost every minute during days. My classmates, my teachers, my parents, my friends, everyone seemed to me to be uttering just one word, ‘IIM’. It was bearable until one day when I was amidst a lecture and the class buzzer rang. You know what it said doc? ‘IIM’, in a digitally resonating sound.

Dr. Sharma– Iimophobia, a disease caused by excessively hearing the term IIM up to a limit, when the ears and brain are no more interested in letting it in.

Sameer– But my mother tells me that I had been vaccinated against all the diseases while I was a kid. I think those were not quality vaccines, my mother always wants to save money. Now it’s me who’s paying back.

Dr. Sharma– Hahaha! Don’t put it on your mother dear. Unfortunately, we don’t have any such vaccine available in the market for immunity against this disease. IIM is indeed one of the most celebrated B-school to go for a masters degree, and undoubtedly it deserves to be, their program has given the world most of its leaders.

But do you know how does it transform into a devil from an angel for students like you? What fuel does it consume in the process?

Sameer– Our fear, uncertainty of thoughts, and lack of knowledge.

Dr. Sharma– Bingo! Students like you, who have other life goals, which an MBA degree from IIM cannot fulfill, are often misled. Be it by your friends, classmates, family, or anyone around you. We believe that No MBA from IIM means No Success. That’s when this disease makes space for itself inside you.

Now answer this question very carefully- Would Lata Mangeshkar have required a cricket bat in order to be a legendary singer? Also, do you think Sachin Tendulkar would have required a melodious voice to serve his purpose?

Sameer– Only if Sameer Raichand requires an MBA degree in order to establish a career in Literature.

Dr. Sharma– Little boy has learned so fast. Well, I know you might be having a lot of friends who suffer from the same disease as you were, a little while ago. What I want you to do is, let them know that there’s an easy cure for their disease. All they need you to do is visit their clinic in CP known by the name of Leverage Edu.

You will be taken care of by me and my team who work day and night to help students like you find the right career path by helping them reach the right place.

Sameer– Miles to go before you sleep Dr. Sharma. I’ll spread the word.

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