You know whom to call, when the days are dark & full of terror!

Pranav: Hey Rohit! How are you?

Rohit: My days are dark and full of terror.

Pranav: What? You okay buddy? Didn’t the Lannisters pay your debt? Get out of the Game of Thrones fever.

Rohit: Does it seem funny to you? My condition? I don’t care about any Lannister or any Game of Thrones or morons. But my days are dark and full of terror.

Pranav: I think we can talk it out. Whatever thing is stinging you. Tell me.

Rohit: I can’t decide.

Pranav: Decide what?

Rohit: Anything! I’m almost 22, my parents expect me to know about everything. They want me to take the right career decisions so that I can be a role model for my younger sister.

Pranav: So? I don’t see any problems there.

Rohit: You don’t? Open your eyes wider then. Whenever I am about to make a choice regarding the course and the college and the country I’ll be studying in, somebody from my grand family pops into the picture.

Pranav: Oh shit!

Rohit: Is this all you have to say? Oh shit? Thanks for your love and support. Yours thankfully, Rohit. Goodbye!

Pranav: My dear friend, why are you so exasperated? Calm your senses, and tell me what exactly happened?

Rohit: Only if you insist. On last Friday night, I finally made a call that I’ll be going for a Masters in Management from St. Gallen University, Switzerland. Everything seemed so perfect until my chacha called up. “MBA from IIM-A is the best. You won’t be able to afford such high expenses in a foreign country. No need to go out. Study here in India itself.” These were his exact words.

Pranav: What does your chacha do?

Rohit: Interrupt.

Pranav: Other than that?

Rohit: He’s a businessman. Why?

Pranav: No I was just wondering if he’s some career or education expert. You know what Rohit? On an average, the expenses that a student incurs studying at St. Gallen University sums up to just around 50% of what a student incurs while studying at IIM-A.

Rohit: Are you serious? How do you know that?

Pranav: An expert from Leverage Edu told me that.

Rohit: Leverage Expert?

Pranav: I’ll come to that. First, tell me what happened next?

Rohit: Papa is very easily persuaded by my chacha. This is what exactly happened that night. He started scolding me that I am wasting my time and energy by searching for foreign universities when we cannot afford them. Now, I wish I knew the fact you just told me then, I could use it as a great weapon. But to listen to him was all I could do that night.

Pranav: This is what happens in most of our houses here in India. We run after every pseudo-experts advice present in our families, but we hardly visit someone who is really an expert in that particular field. I’ll tell you something interesting. If I studied for every degree that my chacha, mama, maasi and everyone else in my family asked me to, today I would have been an MBA, CA, CS, Pilot, Doctor, and even a Nurse.

Rohit: A Nurse?

Pranav: Yes. My maasi wanted me to be that. She thought my personality goes well with that career.

Rohit: Hahaha! This is getting funny, sister. Oh, I mean brother.

Pranav: You are no less than my maasi. Well jokes apart, you know what was my best decision to get out of this vicious circle? I went to Leverage Edu for consultation. My friend recommended me to go there, and I thank him till date for that.

Rohit: What’s so special about them?

Pranav: Dude they know exactly what they do, unlike many. Their experts are like living encyclopedias. These experts are alums of top colleges or working professionals in leading Fortune 500 companies. You name a university, they know about all its bells and whistles.

Rohit: Now this is something I am really interested in. Seems like they must have a solution to my problem.

Pranav: I assure they do.

Rohit: Where can I go meet them?

Pranav: They have their office in Connaught Place. 2nd floor, Phelps Building, right opposite to Bercos.

Rohit: Pranav my brother! I am taking my parents there soon. If all goes well, next weekend’s dinner is on me.

Pranav: I’m 100% sure it’s on you then.

Rohit: Haha! Such confidence level man.

Pranav: Time to cheer up! No more dark and terror days.

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