Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Hobbies!

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“My favourite hobby? Oh, I used to have one, but these days I’m just too much caught up with work. No time for such unimportant things anymore”- Don’t many of us end up saying such things once we enter the workforce? But somewhere deep inside, we all know hobbies are far from ‘unimportant things’. Never give up on your hobbies cause they are not just good for our happiness, but for our careers as well.

From decreasing stress levels to opening up new opportunities, from giving a sense of achievement to establishing useful networks with professionally valuable contacts, a hobby can do it all for you. No matter how busy you get, you can always scoop out some time in order to

never give up

on your hobbies. Here’s a list of reasons you should consider continuing with what you love the most-


Honing Skills and Networking

Generally, your hobbies are activities which you are already good at. If these are directly aligned with your career, then multiple benefits can be generated in terms of innovation and skill development. To take an example, if you’re good at acting and work for a company as a content writer, your creative mind could do wonders for you at your workplace. Additionally, hobbies can help build a lot of connections, which in turn may prove to be quite fruitful while working, or maybe while sitting for the next interview. We all know how important networking is, don’t we?


Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
If you are constantly working at the office without taking any breaks, or without engaging in activities which you truly love, you’re certain to notice the quality of your work degrades sooner or later. A hobby works as a tranquilizer and keeps the creative instinct of your brain alive. It recharges your spirit and enhances the ability to relax.

For those of you complaining that you don’t get time for anything except work, schedule your week. You can fix time slots and days on which you will be devoting some of your time to your hobby. For example, if you like playing badminton, you can spare an hour or two. Pay a visit to the nearby sports complex twice or thrice a week. These are little things, which make a big difference in your personal as well as professional lives in the long-run.


Hobbies ‘May’ act as Resume Builders

Mentioning ‘May’ in the above line has a purpose to serve. To many of us, including all of our hobbies in the resume might sound like a good plan. Realty has a different story to tell. Include just those hobbies which are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Chances of getting through improve significantly if the interviewer finds your hobbies aligned well with the job and company profile. Of course, he or she will contemplate you inside out to know if you’re really good at that particular thing. Or if you just mentioned it to make your resume look good. So be really careful with whatever you write in your resume.

These were some aspects where your hobbies work in the favour of your professional life. The list of benefits one gets from their hobbies is never-ending. So next time before saying, “I used to have a hobby, but these days I’m just too much caught up with work”, remember that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!’. So never give up on your hobbies.

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