Why ‘Cultural Diversity’ should be the most important criteria in your B-school selection process!

Why are top business schools obsessed with cultural diversity? Is it something that just looks good on the prospectus or does it has a deeper significance?

It doesn’t matter what exactly our after-MBA career goal is, it is certain if we are opening the door of a business school, it will lead us to the corporate world- be it self-employment or jobs. The corporate world today has become all the more global. The modern business today is in the hands of culturally diverse teams, revolving around different societies and economies.

It’s very important that MBA students, who will become the part of the corporate world and be leaders in different fields and sectors, to be introduced to culturally diverse environment right from day one. Having different cultural backgrounds that bring different outlooks in the class lets different opinions and ideas to be brought to the same table, letting different perspectives make learning all the more interesting and meaningful.

A culturally-diverse classroom lets students be aware different cultures and deepens their understanding of the same. Understanding and appreciating people who are very different from you and sharing a common space with them helps us become better managers and leaders of tomorrow who can successfully manage a culturally-diverse team.

Studying, learning and working with teams of different backgrounds inculcates values and skills such as inclusion, belongingness and problem-solving. Cultural dissimilitude also inspires creativity and innovation at various levels. It lets us built contacts and to indulge in multi-fold networking, allowing collective learning and growth of students, in and outside the classrooms.

Working on common projects with contrastive teammates of a different class, gender, and cultural background, brings together outlooks and talents, ensuring heuristic learning and growth of all students.

Cultural diversity in B-schools doesn’t just mean the heterogeneity among students but also among the faculty. Having professors from different countries, regions, genders and educational and cultural background, lets students access knowledge clubbed with varied experiences and outlooks of their professors.

No wonder why cultural diversity in business schools has gained a significant importance over the years and has become the most important criteria in the B-school section process.

So while the business schools look for students from diverse backgrounds and profiles that seem fit for such variegation, at the same time we while choosing our B-school should pay special attention to its cultural heterogeneity. The number of international students, number of female students, the ratio of international faculty to local faculty etc are important parameters that throw light on the cultural diversity of the B-school.

A lot of business schools these days support semester-exchanges and international internships, all of which provides an opportunity for you to study and work in a culturally diverse environment.

So, make sure when you are choosing a B-school for yourself you are choosing an environment similar to what you are likely to end up being in after completing your masters.

– Team Leverage

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