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hkust business school

Every time we think about the best business schools in the world, our mind instantly wanders to the west. It’s time to bring it back to Asia as we talk about the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology or HKUST Business School.

Established in 1991,

HKUST business school

is the first in the region to receive an accreditation by both EQUIS and AACSB. In addition, the school has also been consistently ranked amongst the top B-Schools in Asia and Australia. The EIU described HKUST as a top-ranked Asian School having excellent facilities. The Global MBA rankings by Financial Times awarded the school with #7 for international experience and Asia’s #1 for research.


Program Highlights
  • The school offers personalization disguised as 12 and 16-month programs to fulfill every need and purpose. The students can choose from 70+ electives across 5 career tracks until they find the best match. These include:
    1. Finance
    2. Marketing
    3. Consulting
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. General Management in Asia & China
  • The 16-month program is designed for those who plan for a career switch, seeking more international exposure or simply want to expand the career opportunities in China & Asia equipping solid regional knowledge. The program provides great exposure as students get a summer internship and a one-semester overseas exchange opportunity at one of the 60 partner schools (optional).
  • On the other hand, they have the accelerated 12-month program offering a well-rounded business education maintaining the quality of the course while minimizing the time and opportunity costs. For students who have already gained professional experience or are studying under the sponsorship of the company, this is the ideal choice.
  • In both the programs, lectures comprise only 30% of the course, the remaining portion involves simulations, discussions, case analysis, seminars, class presentations, and individual & group projects.
  • The curriculum incorporates 52 credits with 60% of the credits for core courses while the remaining 40% through electives.


Mandarin Training
  • For those seeking new career opportunities with China-related enterprises or the Mainland, Mandarin will be specifically important. The school facilitates Mandarin proficiency in 2 ways:
    – Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies
    – HKUST Language Center


Class Structure
  • This elite program admits just around 120 students per intake. Furthermore, more than 90% students are non-local including 30 nationalities. This means that you can expect to meet the best minds, who come from different nations, professional backgrounds, and have different personalities.
  • Per cohort, the maximum class size is kept low at 60. This gives each student his or her own space and the whole learning procedure becomes efficient and interactive.
  • The average age is of 28 years and the average work experience is of 5 years and each student has an expertise in one or the other field that he or she has gained by working in organizations under different practical conditions.
  • The school greatly encourages student-driven societies and clubs as they believe they are an essential part of their overall development. Here are some clubs that you can look forward to joining once at HKUST Business School:
    1. Finance Club
    2. Consulting Club
    3. Sports Club
    4. Entrepreneurship Club
    5. General Management Club
    6. Technology Club


  • Surrounded by green hilltops and sparkling waters rests the scenic HKUST Clear Water Bay campus spanning over 148 acres by the sea. Basic amenities like food outlets, banks, medical stores, and a supermarket are all present on the campus. The city center is merely 30 minutes away. One can reach there pretty conveniently using public transportation.
  • The campus boasts of having several recreational facilities. These also include seaside swimming pools, a 5-story library, fitness centers, a football pitch, an athletic track, and tennis courts.
  • Accommodation facilities include breathtaking sea views. Which are available on campus for full-time MBA students and lay just 5 minutes away from the business building. Each apartment incorporates 4 single rooms, a kitchen, and separate bathroom. Air-conditioning and internet connectivity are available across all the apartments.
  • If the students want to bring along someone from their family while they are studying, they need not worry. There are a plethora of family-friendly apartments near the campus providing all the amenities they would require during their stay. Students can even take them to the events at school that is conducted frequently.


If you look forward to studying and consequently, work in one of the fastest growing economies of the world, then HKUST Business School is your safest bet. Connect with us to know more about the school, how to get admission into it, and what should be your instant course of action to be able to make it to


HKUST Business School.

– Team Leverage

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