Walking into the office for the first time? – Things to remember on the first day of work

first day of work

Tushar has just completed his post-graduation and now he is all set to join his new office (or at least he thinks that way). Before he would put his first step into a building which is of great relevance for him (that’s why he has worked so hard for it), we suggested Tushar some tips that he should remember on the first day of work.

Are you the next Tushar? Congratulations! You just got lucky. Read on.


1. The first impression is the last impression (at least till you work really hard to change it):

You walk into the office with shabby clothes and an awkward body-language and immediately notice everyone getting away. Is it their fault or are they being elite? No! To them, you just seem to be the odd one out. At a workplace, anything and everything is expected to be in a proper shape and structure. So make sure to wear clothes that are appropriate for your workplace and simultaneously make you comfortable.


2. Maintain a balance between listening & talking:

This is probably one of the most important things not just at your workplace, but in life too. When others are speaking, do not interrupt until it is really urgent. This is a way of showing that you are all ears to them and you respect their opinions. Also, it will boost up your learning while you’re at the office. Also, the reverse side of the coin says that when you’re speaking, make sure you own the space. Be a good orator and it’s your responsibility to grasp the attention of the listener until the time you’ve conveyed your part.


3. Ask:

A new workplace means new surroundings, new people, and a totally different set of circumstances. This calls for your curiosity to convert into actions.

The first day of work

you should realize that this is the place that you’ll be spending a majority of your time for the next few months or years. So make yourself familiar with anything and everything around you, and take the help of your colleagues in this, by simply asking them.


4. Have an elevator pitch ready for you:

Prepare a short explainer of who you are, and where you were before. This may come in handy as many new co-workers will likely approach you to know about your present and past. Also, it will be a bonus if you tell people about what role will you be playing at the current workplace, which will give out a positive impression about you.


5. Don’t try very hard:

The urge to impress your colleagues may send you off-track on your first day of work. Keep this in mind that you have already been hired and hence you don’t have to wow others anymore. It is human’s natural tendency to love being liked by others and receive a positive feedback. But think of ways you could be investing this energy into some constructive tasks, which would eventually lead others to like you pretty naturally.


6. Be yourself:

This is a mantra that you must have heard multiple times over the span of your lifetime. Time to hear it again. Be yourself. Being someone else just to impress your colleagues is stressful and a short-term player, so why bother yourself with it? Just build close relationships with everyone around you with your own personality as sooner or later, they are certain to know about your true self.


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