Career Mentorship – Is it Worth Paying for it?

career mentorship

What is career mentorship? When we plan to do our masters from a well-renowned top-ranked university, what do we do?

We google the list of top-ranked universities, spend some time reading about those universities, ask our peers for suggestions and then we end up getting confused. While doing this, we tend to overlook the reliable effectiveness of

career mentorship.

We feel a good profile and a decent research about universities and courses is enough to be where we want to be.

When we refuse to seek career mentorship, we are indeed saying no to expert guidance. A guidance which would not only save our time and efforts but also our career. Yes! career. When we take charge of our own career and block external guidance and mentorship, we only see things from our perspective and this might lead to taking wrong career decisions.

Sure, all the information is on the Internet and we petrify paying fees to a mentor. A mentor who would do much more than communicating the information available on the net. Reaching the point where we stand right now to the point where we want to be, the journey carries a lot of hurdles of which choosing the right college is just one of them.
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Showing you the list of universities, might be a part of the task of mentor but certainly not the whole of it. A career mentor looks deep into your career aspirations and invests in your story. They help you better fine-tune your own career goal and break it down into small, medium and long-term plans.

They handhold you through the entire process, right from choosing the colleges to helping you secure your place at your dream school. Also, a career mentor doesn’t tell what’s best like Google does. They tell you what’s best for YOU.
career mentor/career counselling/career path/career planning/career consultant

The personal touch, the experience, the connections, the organized information, the different viewpoints, the information, the guidance. All this comes with professional career mentorship are unmatchable with anything you do about your career yourself.

While selecting your career mentor to make sure:

  • Your career mentor should be unbiased and there to serve you.
  • You go through their customer testimonials. You should be aware of which colleges have the students successfully become a part of after seeking career mentorship.
  • The experience of the career mentor. It’s always good to have mentors who have diverse experience of mentoring students for various courses and colleges.

Quality career mentorship is the one that gives you a wholesome experience. An experience where you listen, engage, dream, work and grow in the process of reaching your dream school. Thus, if this is the experience you are looking for, Leverage Experts are just a call away from you.

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