How to Prepare For An Interview Using Storytelling

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How to prepare for an interview using storytelling? Over the last few years, we have seen storytelling becoming one of the most powerful tools for reaching out to the masses. We have told stories to entertain others, to advertise products and to even put kids to sleep. But do we realize storytelling can be used to crack interviews too?!

In order to successfully

crack interviews,

telling WHAT you did isn’t enough. It is also extremely important that you tell HOW and WHY you did what you did. Interviews are not just about your profile, your qualifications, and skills. Interviews are about ‘your story’-  how you survived and grew through the entire process. Know how to prepare for an interview and ace it using storytelling!



Stories add the much-needed personal touch to the interviews. Stories draw the entire attention of interviewers towards you. The interview gets engaging and intriguing. No matter how professional the interviewer is at his job, he won’t be able to resist the emotional connection that stories bring with them.

  • Start by analyzing what the interviewer would want to know about you after looking at your profile. Be certain about which characteristics and traits you want to display to the interviewer.
  • Now, trace back all the incidences and situations where you were able to showcase these characteristics and traits. Let each such situation and incident be scenes of your story- leading to the climax one after the other.
  • You need to present your entire journey, all the things you have done- why and how you did them as a story that you will narrate to depict the idiosyncrasy that makes you fit for the job you are interviewing for.

To ensure connection and engagement throughout your interview, keep finding places where instead of giving an opinion you can use a story to demonstrate.

  • Create time and location marker. Tell about the exact time and location where things took place.
  • Add a sequence of events, depicting the entire flow of situations.  Add characters to your story. Don’t shy away from taking names of people you have worked with. Add an element of surprise by expressing the hardships you successfully sailed through.
  • Use the STAR method to make your stories interesting as well as credible. The STAR method is SITUATION, TASK, ACTION, and RESULT, wherein you explain the situation you were in, the task you had to do, how you did it and what was the result achieved.

Now, we believe you know how to prepare for an interview, use your story and ace it!

The reason storytelling proves to be successful is that stories don’t give conclusions. Stories let the interviewer come to a conclusion after hearing you. Although it’s you who is deriving the conclusion, the interviewer feels he is one arriving at a conclusion based on his understanding and judgment.

Once you feel your story is ready for the interview, tell your story to people you can trust and see how they react, ask them what impression can they form for you? If that’s what you want to communicate in your interview- YOU ARE READY to rock the interview!

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