The Great Debate – Education vs. Experience

education vs experience

The greatest debate of all time in one’s life is – Education vs Experience. Every living creature living on this planet gets paid for each and every action made, whether positive or negative. Sounds ambiguous, right?

Well, he or she gets paid with experience, which is probably a major contributor to anyone’s and everyone’s well-being.

A cub gains experience with each round of hunting and improves in catching the prey.
A sculptor gains experience with each sculpture made and improves in designing them well.
An investor gains experience with each investment made and improves his skills to judge the future opportunities.

What I’m trying to focus on here is that irrespective of the kind of work someone does, he or she is certain to improve over time. And that improvement is the consequence of experiences.
Let’s dive in a little deeper and know more about when it comes to

education vs experience.

Suppose there’s an employee of a company who is outstanding when it comes to making presentations. Every day, he goes to his office, creates a new presentation for the company and has mastered the art of it. But even though he receives good feedback about his work from almost everyone, there’s a problem. He has stopped innovating now. He just keeps on making the similar kind of presentations for the company. Rather thinks of his payment only. One incentive is obviously the monetary benefit that the company is providing him with, but other than that, he is gaining work experience, which will prove to be quite beneficial for him in the long run. For example, he may get a better paying job in the future because of it, or he may get promoted as he climbs higher on the ladder of work experience.

Now, let us make some modifications to the current scenario. Same employee, same company, but now he possesses some additional qualities. He is open to challenges, he keeps on finding ways by which he can behave as a catalyst towards achieving the organization’s goals. He wants to grow as a person and a professional by learning as many and as many different things as he can. In this case, undoubtedly, he is climbing the same ladder of work experience, but additionally, he is also gaining learning experience, which can greatly facilitate his growth trajectory.

If work experience can take you to heights, learning experience can give you wings, and gills at the same time. So that you can be where ever you want. In the sky full of opportunities and in an ocean full of big fish.

Bringing down this big fat discussion of

Education Vs Experience

to a single line. It won’t be incorrect to state that the only difference between work experience and learning experience is that of the attitude. An attitude determining how you deal with things you encounter in your daily life. And with each decision you make, your long-term experience is being formulated. So be wise enough to choose amongst the two.

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