Career Goals – Break them into Small, Medium & Long-term plans

career goals

Every day, we come across so many people who aren’t content with what they are doing. Their mundane routine having started sucking them into a vicious circle, which is so difficult to escape. They are stuck in their work and live in constant state of dissatisfaction. If you are one of them, today is the day when you take the ownership of your career and break down your career goals.

While we can’t plan your destiny, we can at least plan your career. I agree, that plans don’t always work out but that doesn’t mean having plans isn’t important. Especially when, it comes to your career. Don’t be afraid to have a career goal that seems too great to be achievable. Define your

career goals

, no matter how unrealistic it seems to you now.

Do you think – Your dreams have taken a backseat because you think they aren’t achievable?

Remember, a dreamer becomes successful when he becomes a doer too. Once, you have made up your mind on your career goal, it’s time to break it into small, medium and long-term plans.

Your career plan will be complete when you have:

  1. A starting point on which you will place the tip of the compass and draw the circle of your career
  2. Make a short-term plan, where you define the sector you wish to be a part of and start building your knowledge and skills accordingly. For example, the course and college you choose, the internships you do, the extra classes you take etc. Here, you take all the decisions keeps your medium-term plan in mind, which has to be the job or profession you want to succeed in.


  1. A bridge to bridge all the gaps between you and your career goals
  2. This is the medium-term plan where you enter the niche you see yourself growing in and bridge all the gaps by taking up the right job profiles, choosing right companies, right projects etc. Here, you see what’s stopping you from achieving your long-term goal. Then you fill all the gaps by gaining the desired skills and the right experience.


  1. A runaway to take the most beautiful flight of your life:
  2. In a long-term plan, you enter the shoes you always wanted to be in and the hustle shifts from “becoming” to “becoming a good one”. Now you are where you are supposed to be and doing what you want to, but you need to be sure that you be the best version of yourself. For example, you are not the only one who wanted to be the CEO of a company and has managed to be so, how you will be different from others is how good a CEO you become.


An unplanned future will only take you away from your career goal. A “go with the flow” attitude will only take away opportunities that carry the potential to change your life for the better.

So, take the first step towards your career success and break down your career goals in small, medium and long-term plans now. Remember, you are the superhero someone looks up to and you need to make sure your story is inspiring. Read the story of our superhero – Somewhere on the land of India, lived a superhero.
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