Somewhere on the land of India, lived a superhero.

Somewhere on the land of India, lived a superhero. He looked ordinary, had ordinary friends, lived an ordinary life, and everything around him was so ordinary, that he had long forgotten that he’s a superhero. The most important thing in the life of our superhero was his dreams. He could even make the land and the sky meet to achieve them.

There was a waterfall flowing down from a high mountain near his village. A waterfall so beautiful that one could simply sit in front of it and just stare for the whole day. While the people in his village were satisfied just admiring its beauty from their homes, our superhero had a bigger purpose set for himself. He had a dream to reach the point of the closest proximity to the waterfall. This was the only extraordinary thing about him, his ability to dream big. A bizarre feature of the path leading to that point was that only 1% of the total people who started towards it ended up successfully.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it. I’m an ordinary person like all my friends, how can I even think of being there”. His conviction was somewhat starting to tremble just a day before the expedition would start off.


Somewhere on the land of India, lived a superhero.

And his conviction started to tremble?

Superheroes cannot be that way. It was time for him to finally realize that he was worth everything in this world and had superpowers which could help him reach any waterfall on the face of this planet. Yes, all of it was true. But the sad part is, he didn’t know that.



Now let’s come back to the real world. A world where schools, universities, and workplaces are primary and waterfalls are secondary. But do we have superheroes in reality? Yes, that’s you, dear student. We know it seems difficult to crack admissions in the greatest universities the world has ever seen. And without superpowers, it almost seems impossible. But it’s time for you to know that (don’t be surprised) you possess those superpowers.

Nobody has told you that, right? Leverage tells you this today. We don’t know if the fictional superhero reached that waterfall or not. But, we do know that all of our superheroes will reach the university or school they dream off.

Contact us right away to know about your superpowers!
– Team Leverage

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