Know Everything About ESCP Europe Business School

Know Everything About ESCP Europe Business School- Leverage Edu

The world’s first Business School as they call it, ESCP Europe Business School is a French-European B-School with campuses in London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw and Turin.

The students from ESCP Europe Business School have successfully managed to reserve their spots at top positions worldwide. The varsity’s hall of fame includes names like Christophe de Margerie (former CEO of Total); Franck Petitgas (Global Co-Head Investment Banking of Morgan Stanley); Olivier Blanchard (former IMF Chief Economist); Patrick Thomas (former CEO of Hermès); a former Prime Minister of France, Jean-Pierre Raffarin and the EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier.

Let us now ponder upon what makes ESCP Europe Business school stands out and how it justifies being the oldest and one of the best B-Schools across the globe-


Program Highlights
  • Since its launch in 1994, the Executive MBA program has been providing transitional experience for students who aspire to have a bright international career.
  • The student goes through 18 months of immense learning and experimenting. Adding to the flexible duration of the course, it can extend to 30 months making it executive friendly.
  • The program has been ranked 10 worldwide with the following sub statistics:
  1. #1 worldwide for Aims Achieved by participants
  2. #2 worldwide for Career Progression
  3. #4 worldwide for International Course Experience
  • It offers 9 core courses and 10 electives (students choose from a gamut of 50 diversified elective courses).
  • Students, after completing the Executive MBA program from ESCP get an average salary of USD 108,000.
Campus & Student Life
  • Students get an opportunity to choose amongst 5 different campuses across Europe, which are Spain, UK, France, Italy and Poland.
  • Each campus has its own set of electives to offer. So, students are advised to choose the campus according to their choice of elective courses they want to study.
Class Structure
  • Last year, the Executive MBA program at ESCP had a class size of 103 students.
  • The average age of the students was 35 years with a work experience of 13 years.
  • 70% of the students were international.
  • Women students made 21% of the total students.


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