Top Countries to Study Mass Communication

Today, the relevance of effective communication has become extremely important. Communications is an extremely wide area of study, with a wide range of careers, be it in the field of education, social service, business, governance, mass media, advertising, etc. Over a period of time, it has become a highly competitive field along with being one of the most popular careers.

In early days, TV channels and newspapers were the only sources of information, but over a period of time and with the advent of technology, we have all this information coming from multiple sources. Thus, it becomes extremely important that you effectively communicate your thoughts and it is understood by people of all beliefs, cultures, and customs.

In this article below, we will study about the top countries abroad which are best known for studying mass communication.


  1. USA

 There are multiple reasons why the USA is considered as the top destination for studying mass communication and journalism. The journalists in the US have received the maximum number of Pulitzer prizes, which are awarded to journalists who deliver excellence in their field.

US universities prepare students for careers in diverse fields, for eg. Multimedia, advertising, broadcast journalism, news production etc. Also, in some universities, students who plan for their Ph.D. programmes in communication have the option to pursue it right after their under graduation.


  1. Canada

Though Canada is a popular destination for management programmes, it is now emerging as one of the most popular countries to study mass communication. There are a number of factors behind this.

There are multiple programmes in Canada like Bachelors in Journalism, Bachelors in Arts, Masters in Communication etc. Affordable tuition fees, scholarships, great work opportunities, etc. are attracting students from all across the globe to study mass communication in Canada.


  1. Spain

Ideally located in the heart of Europe, Spain itself is full of joy and adventure. Students have a lot to explore in Spain. You can choose to explore the snow-capped Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada mountains, Mediterranean’s seaside coves, charming timeless villages, and the architectural remains of previous civilizations.

Students with different degrees of Spanish language definitely get benefit from learning or improving their Spanish skills, which is a much highly-desirable skill in communications in Spain.


  1. UK

UK is the place to be for students who are motivated and are extremely serious about perusing their professional education in journalism from a top-notch institution.

Studying mass communication in London helps students get exposure of more than 150 nationalities and over 200 languages. The UK as a whole offers about 120 universities with mass communications and media courses, in any communications course in England students can expect to learn from experts and industry specialists.


Perusing a career in mass communication and journalism not only sets you apart from the crowd but also dramatically enhances your skill set in the field of the portrayal of your thoughts with storytelling.


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